TIZIP waterproof zippers


Prior to installation in a product, no lubricant is applied to the TIZIPs. However, lubrication is essential to maintain the ease of operation and proper coupling of the chain.

After installation into a product, manufacturers are requested to lubricate the TIZIP all along the chain tips, and to operate the slider the full length of the chain, in both directions, at least 5 times. Acid free, grease or oil lubricants may be used.

If the chain is dry, re-lubricating by the user is recommended from time to time.

Please see the instruction card and lubricant tube supplied with each TIZIP Easy and SuperSeal. Lubricating the outer flanges of the sealing profile reduces the sliding force greatly.

Storage and transportation

For storage, long- and short term and during transportation we recommend to leave the zipper chain closed. The closed chain protects the sealing lips and makes them more resistant to bending.

After long term storage and prior to using please open The chain completely, relubricate the chain tips and operate the slider a few times over the full length.
TIZIP waterproof zippers

Repairing a separated zipper

Step 1

In case of a separation behind the slider check if the zipper remained closed at the bottom end.

Step 2

Lubricate the chain tips and outer flanges of the sealing profile over the complete length.

Step 3

If the zipper opened all the way down to the stop the first apx. 2 cm have to be closed manually.

Step 4

Pull the slider back into recovered area and further down to the stop.

Step 5

Pull forward while avoiding any cross stress on the stringers.

Step 6

Open and close the TIZIP a few times to distribute the lubricant. The now closed zipper has its original strength back.

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