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SZIP Water Resistant Zippers

  • SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zipper
  • SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zipper
SZIP Water resistant/repellent ZipperSZIP Water resistant/repellent Zipper

SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zipper

  • Brand:SZIP
  • Material:Nylon+Polyester, Plastic
  • Sizes:#3,#5,#8, #10
  • Function:outdoor applications requiring moisture protection
  • Product description: SZIP Water resistant repellent Zipper

SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zipper Continuous is a practically waterproof zipper with great strength and smooth operation. The polyurethane coating (shiny outer surface) increases water repellency but reduces the flexibility of this coil zipper. Because of this, SZIP Water resistant zippers are not recommended for projects with curves. SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zippers are perfect for outdoor applications requiring moisture protection

Continuous zippers require at least one end to be sewn shut and do not include a starter box or pin, top stops, or zipper sliders. Sliders and top stops are sold separately. SZIP Water resistant/repellent Zippers are compatible with single reverse tab coil sliders or regular double pull sliders.

Material: Nylon+Polyester, Plastic

Bags, Garments, Hometextile, Shoes, Pants, Sweaters, Trousers, Jackets, Sports wear, Causal wear, Tent, Dress, Child wear, Suits, etc.

Colors: all colors based on YKK or pantone color chart

Certificate: Oeko-Tex Standard 100, BTTG/CE/RoHS/CCC/FCC/ISO9001

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