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SZIP Easyproof B type

  • Light TPU 100% waterproof waist pack
Light TPU 100% waterproof waist pack

Light TPU 100% waterproof waist pack

  • Brand:SZIP
  • Function:100% waterproof and airtight
  • Flexible and durable
  • Function:outdoor applications requiring moisture protection
  • Product description: Light TPU waterproof waist pack

SZIP provides the Waterproof Waist Pack, which is the safe way to take small valuables out with you in wet conditions, featuring a handy roll top design for easy access and a removable dry mesh belt so you can strap it to your own belt or pack.

Constructed from feather light and environmentally friendly TPU, this waterproof waist bag seals tight and flexible, making it suitable for quick submersion and it floats when dropped in water too. This means you can really go for it without messing up or losing your stuff!

Integrate with a 100% waterproof zip pocket, this is the perfect kit-carrying waist pack for boating, kayaking, cycling or walking. cycling and water sports, room for plenty of essentials (camera, phone, wallet, tissues, small book, etc.)


·         100% Waterproof main compartment--waterproof degree IP65

·         Front pocket with 100% waterproof zippers----IP65

·         Constructed from lightweight TPU fabrics

·         Will float if dropped in water

·         Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water


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