Prices and Terms of Business for TIZIP

Prices depend on the length and type of TIZIP waterproof zippers. For detailed price information please contact the sales representative in your region.

All pricing ex works Heilsbronn, Germany and in EURO

Download this document as a PDF-file and see our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE AND DELIVERY

TIZIP lubricant:

One tube of TIZIP lubricant and an instruction card in a plastic bag is included with the purchase of each SuperSeal, Easy and MasterSeal type zipper.

Additional lubricant can be purchased: 7,5 g - EURO 1.30



Upon request

Order quantity:

Minimum order 25 pieces per length.
The delivered quantity may be up to + or - 10% of the original order.

Minimum length:

23 cm for MasterSeal 10
20 cm for all other TIZIP zipper types

TIZIP-Electrode for RF welder (Aluminium):

Upon Request


All versions can be either 50 mm wide or 70 mm wide.


The standard extension over each stop is 25 mm, on request we can make it 16 mm


The lead time for orders up to 3000 units is approximately 4 weeks beginning from order date.

Payment terms:

Payment terms outside Germany are prepayment against proforma before shipment.


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