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The importance of waterproof capability and the home test way for the waterproof backpack bag or swimming pouches


The importance of waterproof bag pouch equipment waterproof performance Needless to say, when you are camping, surfing or diving on a beach, you need to put your keys, mobile phones, wallets and paper money on the pouches on your waist pouch and it must still keep dry inside after the surfing or diving.



Whether it is a bag or a backpack, it stays dry after the camp or surfing or diving.

How do you know if your equipment is not waterproof? Do not trust the parameter's nominal water resistance coefficient easily. Foreign equipment parameters have some reference significance. However, we can test the waterproof resistance capability with the following ways by ourselves


Let's discuss home testing methods for waterproofing equipment.


This is a waterproof backpack and photography bag, which is stuffed with pillows and clothes and rolled tightly.

Open the shower head and adjust the angle, first for 10 minutes.

Because it is a TPU material + diving structure, naturally there is no suspense of waterproof.

If it is not waterproof, let alone shower for 10 minutes, the water will go inside in half a minute.

The carrying method of the camera bag can be slanted, portable, and hung on the shoulder strap of the backpack.



Three waterproof bags were used inside the backpack. It is a division of labor among its brothers:

Equipment used in a camp (not commonly used), such as sleeping bags and underwear;

One outfit (used) on the way, such as dry food, hats, gloves...

A device for emergency use, such as first aid kits, survival knives, an d fire, will be picked up in an emergency.




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