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Guidance on the proper use of waterproof zippers

 Ironing: Avoid ironing as it may cause the waterproof film to peel off.  Place a piece of cloth on the surface prior to ironing. The temperature for ironing should fall below 100 ℃.

 Washing: Close the zip prior to washing to provide protection against the waterproof film. Avoid washing in hot water and let the zips dry naturally.

 Dry Cleaning: The dry cleaning of waterproof zips may differ from that of the fabrics. Please read the washing instructions and double check with us.

Installation: Chemical reactions can take place easily between the waterproof zips and the surface of PVC/PU films, which may leave stains on the fabrics, bright white fabrics in particular. Place a piece of cloth between the fabric and the waterproof zip prior to installation.

  Packing: Lay a piece of paper between the items to prevent the color of the zips from transferring to the fabrics in transportation.


SZIP Waterproof Zipper provides diversified and high-qualified waterproof zips, ranging from metal waterproof zips, plastic waterproof zips to coil waterproof zips. Some of the zips can only serve water-repellent purpose at the moment. Please double check with our sales persons before placing an order.

Apart from fulfilling the functional/practical requirements of these zips, we have been dedicated to meeting the aesthetic requirements of various clients at the same time.


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